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1. Less Capital Outlay:

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2. Door to Door Service:

The outstanding advantage of road transport is that it provides door to door or warehouse to warehouse service. This reduces cartage, loading and unloading expenses.

1. High Speed: It is the fast speed means of transport. Passengers and goods can be transported easily from one place to the other.

2. Minimum Cost: Unlike railways and road transport, there is no need to spend money on the construction of any track or road, only airports have to be constructed.


1. Low Cost:

Rivers are a natural highway which does not require any cost of construction and maintenance. Even the cost of construction and maintenance of canals is much less or they are used, not only for transport purposes but also for irrigation, etc. Moreover, the cost of operation of the inland water transport is very low. Thus, it is the cheapest mode of transport for carrying goods from one place to another.

2. Larger Capacity: It can carry much larger quantities of heavy and bulky goods such as coal, and, timber etc.

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